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Why and to what are we aligning anyway?

I read a lovely blog on alignment earlier, which inspired me to contemplate it… again,… and share my thoughts, scary, but here they are. Alignment matters, from my perspective, an Anusara perspective. When I’m in alignment, I feel happy, connected … Continue reading

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The Little Drop of God….

As the sunset on the shortest day of the soul, (Winter Solstice, Yule) I pulled up to pick up my little granddrop Sebastian for a sleep over. I call him (and all my grandkids) Grand Drops because of an incident … Continue reading

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Standing Steady without my Credit Cards and iPhone

A few months ago my dear student, friend and hostess in Chile gave me one of those backpack purse adornments, a string of dazzling purple and gold hearts, Shri-ed (high beauty) up with golden sequins and bobbles in the Anusara … Continue reading

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Yes on the Mogul Moon…

This weekend, Sunday to be exact, marks the traditional Indian celebration of Guru Purnima. It is the brightest, fullest moon of year, in the month of Ashadha of the Hindu calendar. Thousands of years ago, this moon was chosen by … Continue reading

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